Bergeron Cemetery
Greene Co., NC
Surveyed by James J Ellis III
November 2013

The following is a complete listing of the tombstones in the Bergeron Cemetery in Greene County, NC.

Location just within the woods approximately 300 yards from the intersection of Bell Rd (NC 1310) and Strickland Rd (NC 1311).

Note: The cemetery is very bad condition. The woods has taken it over. I could only find 2 stones and they were very weathered and hard to read. The concrete post and wired fence are still there most of them are flat on the ground and covered with briars, poison oak and ivy.

Partial Listing!

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    GPS Coordinates:
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    The epitaphs are as follows:

    Elizabeth Bergereon Dec 14 1825 Nov 15 1906 aged 80 yrs 11 ms Elisha Bergeron Mar 24 1787 Dec 24 1835 Also supposed to be buried here: C C Bergeron May 1819 Sep 15 1887 Elisha Bergeron Apr 27 1818 Nov 7 1881 Harriet Bergeron 1813 Jan 17 1888 Sarah Bergeron Feb 12 1792 Aug 18 1845

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