Greene County Reference Books and Volunteers

To request a lookup from any of the references, click on the name of the owner and ask them politely. Remember, they are volunteers so they don't have to do this.

As you can see, volunteers are needed.

If you own or have easy access to any kind of reference materials pertaining to Greene County genealogy or history, and you would be willing to do lookups on a voluntary basis, please contact me Diane Siniard. Your efforts will certainly be appreciated.

To view the lists of books under Various Books of Genealogical Interest just click on the link and it will open up a page that has a list of all their books.

Remember to specify which book you would like a look up in.

Reference Author Owner/Email

History of Greene County (NOT indexed)

James Creech

Martha Marble

NC Disciples of Christ

C. C. Ware

Martha Marble

Rountree Chronicles

C. C. Ware

Martha Marble

Some Descendants of Francis Albrighton, Mathew Jones, Ralph Albritton of York Co, Va

Eleanor Davis McSwain

Martha Marble

Various available references, including census books, taxpayer lists, deed books, etc. that can be checked as time allows.


Christopher Eldredge

Various Books of Genealogical Interest Various Diane Siniard

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